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iCell (Shanghai) Sustainable Nutrition Co.,Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned high-tech biological nutrition company. It boasts its globally cutting-edge patented technologies in environmental treatment, biology and nutrition and iCell international patented technology system. iCell is financed by several major Wall Street and Silicon Valley venture-capital firms. At present, it has operated a number of iCell technology projects in the United States, Indonesia and China. iCell business is organized into three main segments: environmental biology, animal nutrition and organic fertilizer. iCell is committed to providing global cutting-edge solution to recycle underutilized nutrients. It focuses on the status of animal and plant nutrition development. Its patented technology in biology and nutrition enables it to deliver a sustainable source of premium animal nutrition through integrating worldwide resources and continuous innovation. It also pays close attention to the change of natural environment. iCell’s environmental protection project enables it to help more manufacturers realize the utilization of waste resources, and promote greater social and environmental responsibility.

HiTech Pro
HiTech Pro is rich in free nucleotides, oligonucleotides, other nutrients and active ingredients with high nutritional value conversion rate, providing new protein source for animals. After a large number of trials on livestock, poultry and aquatic animals, it is proved that HiTech Pro can improve the animal feed intake, immunity, and production performance. It is a green sustainable nutrition for animal health.

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