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The Italian SILO company was established in 1950, and its main research direction is: short chain fatty acid, medium chain fatty acid, triglyceride, monoglyceride. The production area of the company is 30,000 m2, and the annual production of monoglyceride is about 120,000 tons.
General description
The product, 3G SILO, is based on monobutyrin with addition of monoglycerides containing caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid for promoting growth of blood vessels and villi and  effectively inhibiting the harmful bacteria to reduce piglets diarrhea.
Packaging, storage and appearance

1、 Villi growth

2、Dramatic increase of the intestinal surface for nutrients absorption and energy delivery to colonocytes

3、Selective antibacterial action

4、Up-to 230° C in pH range from 1 to 7, odorless, non-corrosive;

Use direction: 2-5kg/t depending on different applications

With Lactobutyrin 3G, the following feed ingredients can be replaced: soybean oil (1:1), short-medium chain fatty acids, essential oils, and enteric antibiotics and ZnO replacement or reduction



2169 piglets at day 24 were allotted to 2 groups

–   1100 piglets in control group

–   1069 piglets in Lactobutyrin 3G group

Trial duration: 15 days, from 09.11.12 to 24.11.12

The control group received the standard feeding program with ZnO and medications

The experimental group received 0.4 ml/kg of body weight/day of Lactobutyrin 3G in drinking water for 15 days. Amoxicilline was suspended and Colistin and ZnO in the feed were also suspended.


A strong improvement in diarrhea control was observed after the first 3 days of Monoglycerides usage in drinking water. 2kg of body weight has been improved for pigs of 93 days 2 weeks after using 3G. Morality decreases.


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